Environment Agency Consultation on Flooding Opens

The EA has today begun consultation on its latest draft strategy for flooding and coastal erosion. The development and application of this is one of the EA duties under the Flood and Water Management Act of 2010.

If you have a view on the draft strategy, you can respond online here.

Other possibly relevant reading:

  • The Pitt Review of 2008 (read the Foreword and Executive Summary first).
  • The Government’s “Final Progress Report” of 2012 responding to the Pitt Report (check the Status on page 7 first)
  • The National Infrastructure Assessment of July 2018. (read Chapter 5 first)
  • If you’re wondering how we can possibly need to deal with not enough water (e.g. droughts) and too much water (i.e. floods) at the same time, a good starting point is the Government’s Future Water Strategy from 2008.

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